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Chengdu Yiwei New Energy Automobile Co., Ltd.


Full Range Pure Electric and Hydrogen Fuel Cell Chassis

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• Large modification space: The chassis is equipped with an integrated electric drive axle, which reduces the curb weight of the chassis and saves layout space.

• High-voltage system integration: While satisfying the requirements of light weight, it reduces the connection points of the high-voltage wiring harness of the whole vehicle, and the reliability of the high-voltage protection of the whole vehicle is higher.

• Short charging time: Support high-power DC fast charging, 40 minutes can meet SOC20% recharge to 90%.



• The battery layout of the 9T pure electric medium truck chassis can be selected as side-mounted or rear-mounted, which can meet the needs of various special bodywork modifications.

• The cab is equipped with standard electric doors and windows, central locking, wrapped aviation seats, high-density foam, and more than 10 storage spaces such as cup holders, card slots, and storage boxes, bringing a comfortable driving experience.


• Suitable for the refitting needs of washing and sweeping vehicles, multi-functional dust suppression vehicles, cleaning vehicles and other vehicles.

• The cab is equipped with electric doors and windows, central locking, MP5, wrapped aviation airbag shock-absorbing seats, high-density sponge, and more than 10 storage spaces such as cup holders, card slots, and storage boxes, bringing comfortable driving ride experience.



• Equipped with a high-power motor + automatic transmission system, which ensures the excellence performance of the vehicle and reduces the curb weight of the chassis.

• The golden wheelbase of 1800+3525+1350mm meets the needs of special-purpose bodywork such as detachable garbage trucks and concrete mixer trucks.

Parameters of Chassis
Dimensions (mm) 9575*2520*3125
Maximum total mass (Kg) 31000
Chassis curb weight (kg) 12500
Wheebase (mm) 1800+3525+1350
Electric System
Batery capacily (kWh) 350.07
Batery pack vollage(V) 579.6
Motor type PMSM
Motor rated/peak torque (N.m) 1600/2500
Motor rated/peak power (kW) 250/360

YIWEI, Your Trusted Partner


Technological Strength

By virtue of powering the industry’s transition to electric alternatives, we keep our resolve to make progress in electrification systems to provide you more competitive and integrated solutions.


If the available models don’t fit your requirements, we provide custom-tailor service to different vehicles and applied situations.

Considerate After-Sales Service

No matter which country you are in, we can optimize the control program remotely, or we can send engineers to your country to solve the problems encountered in person, so that you can avoid worry. Therefore, YIWEI is able to offer more efficient and thoughtful after-sales service.

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