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Chengdu Yiwei New Energy Automobile Co., Ltd.


Support and Services


-What can I use the motor for?

-Our motors are commonly used in electric vehicle, electric truck, electric boat, electric bus, electric construction machines, etc. We are dedicated to electric vehicle business for over 17 years, so we are professional in electrification solutions.

-What is VCU?

- VCU(Vehicle control unit) as the central control unit of the new energy vehicle, is the head of electric vehicle and the core of the entire control system. The VCU collects the state of the motor and battery (it also collects accelerator pedal signals, brake pedal signals, actuator and sensor signals through its own IO port). It can be said that the performance of the VCU directly determines the performance of the new energy vehicle Good or bad, played the role of the mainstay.

-What is the difference between traditional IC engine and electric motor?

1. The efficiency of the motor is higher, which can reach more than 93%, and it is more energy-saving.
2. The working application field of the motor is wider, it is full range.

-Can it be used in extreme weather?

-Our motor working environment temperature can reach (-40~+85)℃.

-What are the benefits of permanent magnet synchronous motors?

1. Low loss and low temperature rise. Since the magnetic field of the permanent magnet synchronous motor is generated by the permanent magnet, the excitation loss caused by the magnetic field generated by the excitation current, that is, the copper loss is avoided; the rotor runs without current, which significantly reduces the temperature rise of the motor, and the temperature rise under the same load More than 20K lower.
2. Higher power factor.
3. Higher efficiency.

-How Regenerative Braking Works?

-When driver step on a vehicle's brake pedal, the discs and the brake pads create friction as they meet. In turn, the friction creates kinetic energy that dissipates into the environment in the form of heat. Regenerative braking recovers some of the kinetic energy that would otherwise turn into heat and instead converts it into electricity.