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Chengdu Yiwei New Energy Automobile Co., Ltd.


Sprinkler Garbage Compressed Washing & Sweeping Vehicle

Short Description:

Full range chassis platforms combined with upload working system to make different complete vehicles meet your different refitting needs.

Product Detail

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18T Sprinkler

(1) New generation of Pure electric sprinkler developed by our company. Used for road maintenance and washing, reducing dust in urban main roads, highways and other places. It can also be used for watering flowers and trees in green belts and emergency fire water truck.

(2) The motor is directly connected to the low-pressure water pump, eliminate the transmission shaft (or coupling) and the reduction box for the water pump. Compared with the traditional method, the overall length is shortened by more than 200MM and the weight is reduced by more than 40KG.

18T Compressed Garbage Truck

(1) High-end intelligent rear-loading compressed garbage truck involved the feeding mechanism, hydraulic system, electrical system. The whole vehicle is fully enclosed, adopting electro-hydraulic integration technology, all the sewage in the compression process enters the sewage compartment, which solves the problem of secondary pollution in the process of garbage transportation.

Configure rich sensors, collect various information according to the sensors to predict the point of failure, and can use the monitoring platform to quickly judge and deal with the failure.

Pure Electric Multifunctional Dust Suppression Vehicle

(1) This pure electric multifunctional dust suppression vehicle is used for air dust suppression in urban main roads, highways and other places. It can spray and suppress dust generated in building demolition blasting, civil construction, open-pit mines to reduce air pollution.


Pure Electric Washing and Sweeping Vehicle

(1) This pure electric washing and sweeping vehicle adopts an integral large box, and the box body is designed with a 304 stainless steel tile structure, which integrates part of the clean water tank and the garbage box.

(2) Equipped with multiple safety and warning functions such as low water level alarm, pump shutdown due to lack of water, overflow alarm of sewage tank, and self-locking protection for dustbin drop.

YIWEI, Your Trusted Partner


Technological Strength

By virtue of powering the industry’s transition to electric alternatives, we keep our resolve to make progress in electrification systems to provide you more competitive and integrated solutions.


If the available models don’t fit your requirements, we provide custom-tailor service to different vehicles and applied situations.

Considerate After-Sales Service

No matter which country you are in, we can optimize the control program remotely, or we can send engineers to your country to solve the problems encountered in person, so that you can avoid worry. Therefore, YIWEI is able to offer more efficient and thoughtful after-sales service.

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